Why Renting an Apartment in Medellin Is Better Than Staying in a Hotel

Medellin is probably the best city in South America, but residing in accommodation or hostel while visiting this beautiful city isn’t the easiest way to comprehend its charms. Renting an apartment instead of booking a hotel room can make a vacation in Medellin, Colombia an even more relaxing and enjoyable experience. It will permit you to feel in the home during your trip to town.


One of the most important benefits of remaining in an apartment in Medellin rather than a hotel is that you can have your destination to call home for the duration of your stay. You are likely to have an overabundance of space when remaining in flat plus more privacy. You can have whoever you need into your place without having to check them in or pay more such as the custom with all the hotels around here. That being said, there are also many security officers roaming each complex round the clock. They are very friendly and helpful but they also keep a good eye on things and make certain only the tenants along with their approved guests are allowed in the complex.

size and fashions

Apartments are for sale for rentals all over the town of Medellin through the preferred location is in Poblado because of safety and proximity to major places such as Parque Lleras, various malls and also the metro. There is also great variety inside the size and fashions of the apartments. The huge level of choice which can be found signifies that it is possible to find the perfect apartment to use as your base on your stay, and you’ll fit around 5-6 people in certain of such apartments comfortably.


Staying in a condo as opposed to expensive hotels can even be very economical. In many cases, it’ll …