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Landscaping Services & Supplies – Not Just Sticks and Stones

Landscaping Services & Supplies – Not Just Sticks and Stones
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Landscaping services and supplies provide the manpower and materials in designing open spaces for homes and buildings. Landscaping services are available for both residential and commercial structures. These usually include gardens, patios, decks, and entrances. Landscaping supplies, on the other hand, including retaining walls, pavers, decorative pebbles, stone, rock, and sandstone, among many others. Both landscaping services and supplies are available from local contractors (who can be easily found online).

Landscaping refers to the visible features of an area of land including the physical elements such as landforms, plants, flowers, and stones among, many others. This is an important aspect of the aesthetics of homes, commercial buildings, and other structures. This is especially true for buildings constructed in busy cities where most natural landscapes have been replaced by concrete structures. Manmade gardens add to the ambiance and help reduce air pollution as well.

The origin of landscaping as art is said to have started in China and grew in popularity in ancient Rome. The landscaped gardens of the Romans were designed with mosaics and water fountains. This art was lost during the Middle Ages and was only revived during the Renaissance period. Examples of Renaissance landscaping are found in Villa d’Este in Tivoli, Vaux-le-Vicomte, and Versailles, among many other locations. 18th century England featured some of the most prominent landscapers such as William Kent, Humphrey Repton, and Lancelot Brown, all of whom created vast parklands and renovated the gardens and grounds of large properties and homes owned by wealthy families.

Aside from landscape designing and architecture, landscape services offer assistance in the following:

spring clean up – yard cleaning, lawn thatching, yard raking, cleaning of flower beds and bushes, removal of all debris

  • fertilization – crabgrass preventer, lime application, insect control, grub control, winter fertilizer
  • lawn maintenance – cutting of lawn, trimming hedges, sweeping walks and driveways
  • mulching
  • bushes and hedges trimming
  • weeding
  • fall clean up – removing and disposing of leaves
  • snow removal – plowing and shoveling of snow from driveways, front stairs, walks, and sidewalks

Landscape supplies are available if you want to design the landscapes in your home. Products available include:

  • retaining walls – bricks or stones to create walls for plants and flowers
  • pavers – tiles like stones used for walkways and pathways
  • decorative pebbles – colorful stones that you can add to the design of your garden
  • stones, rocks, and sandstones – essential materials for any landscaping
  • bark and mulch – used to improve soil, deodorize and kill pests depending on the kind used
  • soil – can be taken from your backyard but those available from suppliers are treated to help plants to grow faster and healthier
  • treated timber – helps the structure to be sturdier and lasting
  • cobbles, pebbles, and boulders – decorative and will help your landscape to hold the soil and plants
  • ground cover fabric – used for driveways, patios, or as weed suppressants
  • drainage products
  • fertilizer
  • plants and flowers